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At the end of the day...

I go home
to an empty room.

I laugh at jokes
with no one.

I curl up in bed,
wrapped in phantom arms.

Lost memory

It only takes a few minutes;
remembering the good years
is like sifting through ancient photographs,
until my hands are covered in dust.

Blood and Honor

Some days,
this cubicle-like room is more a prison
than a bedroom.

Some days,
I can believe that I hear your voice
in my head.

Some days,
the metal is liquid in my hands
and the bullet's natural form rests in my pocket.

Some days,
the chess board seems alive and full of possibilities;
arranging the next move.

Some days,
I wish I had never been born into the Star of David,
and we still found each other.

Leaving on a fast train

Threadbare bag in one hand
and a fistful of currency in the other,
he stepped towards the platform,
anticipation running thick in his veins.

They said it was his day to die;
to live out the last of his hours
swathed in cool linen,
and hooked to a morphine drip.

The crack in that window
teased his senses,
promising chances at a life
he was not allowed to have.

Desperation filled his decaying insides,
'More,' he thought,
ripping the needles from his flesh
and willing his feet to move.

Those dying legs brought him to the station,
the train brought him to its final destination,
and when he stepped off the train,
he breathed in the salty air.


The mushi struggles
against Imperial obi.
How foolish, the wind

rustles a maple,
and a Night Hawk is choking
on a water sleeve,

the deadly color
of oozing mahogany.
Into the wanton,

the mushi crawled, feeling
the vibrations of panic,
lulled to peaceful sleep.

A sokai boy lies,
in wait for Momotaro
to bring him back home,

in celebration
of victory with sakura;
beautiful petals

falling like blood-rain
on the Emperor's Palace
in the midspring day.

1. Mushi - Pronounced Moo-shee. Japanese for insect.
2. Obi - Pronunced Oh-bee. The sash on a formal Japanese robe called a Kimono.
3. Night Hawk - Term for middle age Japanese prostitutes who conducted their services at night on the streets in 19th century Japan.
4. Water Sleeve - an elongated sleeve used to emphasize movement in Han Chinese traditional dancing.
5. Sokai - Pronounced So-kah-ee. Japanese schoolboys who were sent out to the country so they would be safe from air raids in the cities during wartime Japan in early 20th century.
6. Momotaro - Pronounced Moh-moh-tah-roh. A folk story character turned into an animation, who was a small boy with a strong sense of independence and patriotism, promoted nationalism during wartime Japan.
7. Sakura - Pronounced Sah-koo-rah. Japanese for cherry blossom.


Anger moves like thunder,
it rumbles and rolls within,
not quite shouting at the world yet;

until it becomes too much to bear.

Your shouts crack the silence
like lightning;
frightening the world below,
and destroying its comfort with your tears.

"Where the streets have no name"

To bury one's toes
in the damp sand
of an abandoned beach,
brings peace to a heavy mind.

To wander nameless roads,
shying away from
well-meaning motorists,
and relishing in the exhaustion
of one's feet,
brings content to a heavy soul.

One day,
I want to lose myself
in a non-peopled place
and disappear forever.


"You can't tell me why,
oh no, please don't tell me why."

The palm over my mouth tastes bitter;
like salt, powdered aspirin,
and something else.

The palm over my eyes shifted,
and another pair of eyes met mine;
they were desperate.

The palm over my mouth was removed,
and I licked my lips;
the taste was still there.

The palm over my eyes was removed,
and those eyes were still the same;
the body attached to them had a Y-section.

The palm came back
and tightened over my mouth;
my screams were muffled and vibrated in my throat.

The palm came back
and tightened over my eyes;
staunching the flow of hot tears.

"You can't tell me why,
oh no, please don't tell me why."

*Author note: This little diddy was inspired by a Korean movie called (in English), "The Man From Nowhere." In Korean, it's "아저씨." It's about drug trafficking and organ smuggling, and how one man attempts to save a child from becoming an unwilling organ donor. The whole movie is from the main actor's POV, so I decided to get into the child's head. The quotes are from the song that was written for the movie: "Dear" by MAD SOUL CHILD.


Alone in the pile
of unstained timber,
that person sits
defeated by their tears.

That person had fought
for invulnerability;
determined that no one would inspire
these retched drops of salt.

Emotion beyond lust
were beneath
their conscious ability.

in this pile
of unstained timber,
with the dulcet tones
of a nihonjin,
bring on the pain,
the loss,
and these unwanted tears.